Product Guides

Product Guides

MTA Pneumatics supply their customers with online product guides. This allows the user to search online for the product they are specifically looking for.

  • Push-in fittings and connectors QS

    Festo QS Push-in fittingFesto Push-in fittings and connectors QS

    Effortless selection of the right fitting. Festo offers a secure solution for every connection. The convenient push-in fitting system includes well over 1000 types of standard and function fittings.

    Document Download: Festo Push-in fittings and connectors QS

  • Festo Pulse Valve VZWE

    Festo pulse valve vzweFesto Pulse Valve VZWE

    The reverse jet pulse valve VZWE cleans soiled filters reliably and cost-consciously
    The reverse jet pulse valve VZWE from Festo cleans dust removal systems with a brief blast of air.

    The reverse jet pulse valve VZWE from Festo eliminates the risk of blockages in dust removal systems. With a brief blast of air, the heavy-duty valve keeps the dust filters free for many industries.

    Whether in the manufacture of cement or paper, mining or tobacco processing, chemical or foodstuff industries – all fields apply filters in production that become full sooner or later though during production processes. Whenever there is a risk of plugging up, the VZWE 2/2-way valve is ready to clear the way again.

    The reverse jet pulse valve is part of a cleaning system with compressed air. The efficient housing design ensures a high flow for that. Thanks to its special piston unit, the heavy-duty VZWE opens and closes quickly. This improves the cleaning effect significantly. Any contamination that has collected drops into a dust collection funnel. A range of port sizes and mechanisms allows for a universal implementation.

  • Festo Quarter Turn Actuator

    Configurable Quarter turn actuator with a simple and compact design

    Festo quarter turn actuator DFPDSingle or double-acting
    Optimised spring cartridge design for more efficient single-acting operation in steps of 0.5 bar
    End position can be adjusted at both ends for more flexibility during commissioning
    Suitable for high and low temperatures: -50 ... +150°C
    Mounting plate for pilot valve in EU (G) and US versions (NPT)


    Suitable for most tasks in the process industry - for automating butterfly valves, ball valves and air dampers in the chemical, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as in water treatment.

    DFPD is the new benchmark for quarter turn actuators. It can be used as an individual actuator or as part of a complete automated process valve system from Festo.

    With a torque range from 10 to 480 Nm, a rotation angle up to 180° and corrosion resistant versions, the single- or double-acting DFPD is suitable for ball valves, butterfly valves or air dampers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries, as well as for water treatment.

    Document Download Pdf: Festo quarter turn actuator DFPD

  • Festo quick connectors

    festo quick connectorFesto quick connectors product range catalogue.
    Document Download: Festo quick connectors